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Best Coarse Clip In Extensions for Natural Hair Online.


Thanks for visiting ItalianYaki.com we are dedicated in providing sheer quality Brazilian human hair extensions online. We’ve organized a list of our very best products for ladies look for clip ins that fit perfectly with textured natural hair. Our products are created to fit all 3c,4a,4b and 4c hair clip Ins. Please fee free to contact us today if you have further questions!!

Why You Should Choose ItalianYaki.com

Buying natural human hair extensions, especially through internet, can be tricky. Not all firms are honest and make sure they give their clients with the top products. This means that there are firms that will mix their natural hair with fake, but charge the same price.

This supports them to better their own profit margins, but can leave you angry and frustrated in the long run. For more detail check different extensions below:

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Remy natural hair extensions

Of all different kinds of hair extensions accessible on the market, Remy natural hair extensions would be have to be the finest, most top standard type accessible. And this is because it is the only kind that keeps the hair cuticles intact instead of fully stripping them. If you would want a texture similar, we’ve found that most black women wear 3c 4a clip in extensions.

These kinds of hair extensions are fashioned all in the same direction for a more natural looking look. They are also less prone to tangling and matting and remain lustrous and soft throughout its lifetime. This hair has the capability to be straightened, curled, dyed, styled, cut, washed and treated like your natural hair which is why individuals favor them to synthetic hair. Synthetic hair cannot take much warmth and is sensitive to sunlight. They also don’t look as natural as long as extensive.


Clip in kinky hair extensions

Kinky curly weave is hundred percent human hair that has been tailored to match 4a, 4b hair and 4c hair. It is one of the most amazing hair option can be explained as very thick, full, cotton-like and definitely kinky. It also has extremely realistic blending capabilities and combines well with this kind of hair.

This natural hair extension has the minimum level of luster. It can be used to include versatility to fullness, styling and/or length.

Who can use them?

All women, who want to better their look by raising the length of the hair, can opt for Remy natural hair extensions. They are perfect for women of all ages, even teenagers, as they are not known to cause any problem to the scalp, or to the natural hair of the ladies. They are largely used by cancer patients as well. In the course of treatment, cancer patients loose hair due to the bad effects of chemotherapy. Such people can opt for Remy hairpieces, which will permit them to get the type of hair they want, without being naked to any potential bad effects.

How to buy them?

Remy hair extensions are accessible in most regular and online stores which sell hair enhancement products. Matched to synthetic hairpieces they are not extremely costly and are generally considered as cost-friendly. There are many internet stores which sell such hairpieces at discounted prices and some of these stores provide best standard Remy hairpieces. Buying them from such internet stores is quite simple and the buyers also get a lot of payment options to select from. The reputed internet stores also provide quick delivery of Remy hairpieces.

Afro Kinky curly weave that blends effortlessly:

The afro kinky weave is a set of curly hair with a stronger curl pattern than others on the market. Curly textures can be styled simply with heat and rollers tools, while retaining the real texture of the hair after a wash. Another great resource for natural hair is Curly Nikki.This texture combines well with natural hair, and styles like Afro puffs and twists. You can feel it, when you dazzle them with these wonderful curls.


Maintenance advice is to de-tangle and wash the hair with a free-silicone conditioner no less than once a week and apply a conditioner and water mix to clean up the curls every day.

The hair should be cleaned with sulfate-free shampoo to renew the curls every two weeks.


Shampoos generally contain bad detergents in them that are used to lift the oil and dirt off hair. The bad detergents will strip your hair making it extremely brittle and dry.

Detergents found in shampoo are generally sulfates such as ammonium laureth sulfate; sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate are also bad.


When you apply shampoo, you will have to decrease the amount of times you wash your tresses because high washing will additional dry out tresses.

With a conditioner wash, you will be capable to wash your tresses a lot more perfectly while still keeping the hair moisturized.